Dali : Cybernetics The Immersive Experience

FROM 28.09.2023 to 03.02.2024

Limited Tickets Available

Dalí : Cybernetics

The Immersive Experience in Copenhagen

Discover the Catalan artist, Salvador Dalí’s mind and works from a completely new perspective in this immersive experience.

The Exhibition

Step into the incomparable universe of Salvador Dalí, the artistic genius behind surrealist masterpieces. Become completely immersed in the works of art around you, and feel the shift in reality as you dive deep into the world created by Dali’s brush strokes.

360 Experience

Art and technology combine in this innovative light and sound spectacular. Discover cutting-edge 360º projection mapping, interactive installations, holograms, and artificial intelligence, all showcasing the Catalan artist’s most compelling works.

Virtual Reality

Dalí enters the metaverse through an interdimensional digital artsportal. Walk alongside Salvador Dalí in a one-of-a-kind, visually rich journey into the inspiration behind his iconic works, including “The persistence of Memory” (famous for its melting clocks).

The art and life of Dalí

Dalí : Cybernetics – The Immersive Experience reinvents the concept of museums and art galleries. Get to know the artist and his art like never before with the help of exquisite storytelling and state-of-the-art techonology.


Planning a trip for your school, university or other association? An excursion to Dalí : Cybernetics is unlike any other! An inspiring, educational and immersive experience that stimulates all of the senses.


Corporate Events

Corporate group visits provide a unique and inspiring team-building experience, fostering innovation and creative thinking among colleagues in a captivating and interactive environment.

Private Events

Private group visits offer a shared experience filled with interactive installations, captivating visuals, and a multi-sensory adventure that sparks creativity and wonder for all participants.

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Dalí would have said “Olé!” and would have considered not only the technological treatment appropriate but also the script, content, meaning, philosophy, theology, metaphor and message of every thing.

– The New Barcelona Post

“Oh, my godness, the metaverse was phenomenal!”

– Secret London

If you want to escape and head into Dalí’s dreamlike universe, I would highly recommend checking out this immersive experience.

– London Unnattached

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